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Dc++ Hublist Dc Хаблист

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Dchublist DC Хаблист DC-хабов Huburi Romania Publichublist Hublist Dc++
DC Хаблист Dchublist DC-хабов Hublist Huburi hubliste dc++

Website Hublist : http://dchublists.com/?do=hubs

Ссылка для вашего клиента: http://dchublists.com/?do=hublist.xml.bz2

- [*] Hi Friends, you can now choose one between a lot of big hubs directly in your client
Go in pubblic hublist by clicking CTRL+P and set configure, then add this address:

:::::> http://dchublists.com/?do=hublist.xml.bz2 then click on add .. ok

:::::> http://dchublists.com/?do=hublist.config.bz2 (for DC++ clients older than 0.4033)

- [*] Official Client Dc++ Strongdc_EN: http://dchublist.biz/client/StrongDc_en_2.42.rar

- [*] Official Client Dc++ Strongdc_RU: http://dchublist.biz/client/sdc242-32-ru.rar

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